Thursday, October 14, 2010

How can I let people believe in?

If people think you say to them is to their advantage, they resist you will be very natural. But you can indirect rather than direct language to avoid the suspicion that human nature.

I mean, you'd better use someone else's words! Whether you quote the person beside you, or thousands of kilometers away, not matter. Others say, than you can say all the words have more weight.

For example, if someone asked you the quality of a product, you can say: "I am a colleague of the company, said she was surprised at the effect of this product. She said the product is simply a miracle!"

That answer than you own any statements made are more effective, because it than you, another person into the conversation. Suddenly, another person, not you, to make such a statement - the effect of this product surprised.

Journal of others, like a magic spell. Whether you agree or not, people are most concerned about is "how others think." When you quote other people say when people would meet this need. When the conversation ended, this approach brings you the authority to defend themselves than their much larger.

So when people ask about your product or service problems, you can give them the most convincing answer always comes from other people. This is strange, but very few people doubt that if a third party; and if you a direct answer, they will be automatically generated questions.

Principle is this: through a third party to answer, citing the words of the people, using their prestige, rather than your own.

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